Who We Are


The most powerful companion to experience is wisdom. Through over 30 years of intentional development, The Smith Richards Group (“SRG”) has created a team of people that work together to attend to a client’s every need in financial matters, and as a true team, we rely on each other to get things right the first time.


Everyone at The Smith Richards Group has much more than just a job—what we do informs and is informed by every aspect of our lives. We are in the profession of advising our clients toward achieving their goals, and this requires commitment beyond the call of a day job. We strive to help clients live balanced, full lives, and we follow suit, so that excellence becomes routine in all we do.


Just as you are concerned with leaving behind an exceptional legacy, SRG plans to serve our clients for generations. We take meticulous notes on every client, so no part of your story is forgotten. With our own succession plan already in motion, we have the right advisors for the needs of each generation.


Our professional network spreads throughout the Puget Sound and beyond, bringing the collective wisdom of an entire industry directly into your hands. If by getting to know you we discover your needs more closely align with a different advisor within our network, we will gladly refer you to them.



We’ve designed our office to be an environment free of distractions, so we can fully tune in to what is most important to the client.  Simplicity? Security? Adventure? At SRG, we are not only interested in how we can help grow your wealth, but also how we can help improve your life. There is good reason why our clients do most of the talking.



We never use intimidating financial jargon.  We help clear the fog that settles around complex financial systems, and explain as much or as little as you care to know. We welcome all inquiry and any curiosity, and will provide you with educated, well-researched answers.



Together with each client, The Smith Richards Group advisors craft custom decision-making models to guide every action we make. In fact, we see ourselves more like financial architects, drafting custom financial blueprints that map the building of our clients’ dreams. And, just like a good architect, we’ll be persistent about learning your passions, fears, goals, and habits, so your financial blueprint is sure to fit your lifestyle.  

Why We Do It


Security stems from the ability to handle life’s unexpected surprises. With wise planning and courage, we can discuss your worries and fears and put a strategy in motion designed to bring about confidence and freedom.


Leaving a legacy of integrity, wisdom, and generosity is an important goal for both SRG and our clients. A good financial strategy provides us the opportunity to pass on our stories and honor our families.


We are in this business because we love it. The process, the planning, and the relationships with clients are all pieces we genuinely enjoy. At SRG, we believe money is an exciting and useful tool to help us experience the joys of life. Jim Richards, one of our partners, believes this so wholeheartedly, he wrote a book about it called Better is Better (Classic Day Publishing, 2011).